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Shattered Elegy
Why must you hold so much hatred to me?
How can you say such insults to me?
What is it about me that fuels this cruelty in you?
Am I really so little to you?
Is what you are told so great that it allows you to justify treating me as if I cannot feel sorrow?
Where you really taught to hate someone just because they refuse to submit to your ways?
How can you even tell me these things without judging yourself as a hypocrite?
Do you really think your very way of life is so superior to mines?
I feel so much angst and break.
You have stabbed me; in the heart… the pain is worse than death.
Even my own tear, is so cold it stings as pain.
I feel so low now… is this what you truly wanted?
How can you call yourself so superior… when you are willing to drive people into a sad elegy of
a denouement.
:iconmarluxiaxiii:MarluxiaXIII 4 6
The Transcendental Tide
Sedating my sobriety,
Tingles within, taking hold
Hallucinogenic, deviated
Raised off my feet
Hindering vials of practicality,
Darkening my already blinded eyes
Perception without my mind,
Splintering the hands of time
Alterations, chemically engineer
A drug's reality,  
The Governments duality
Termites of a natural right
Forgotten paradigm
Lusted amorality
The Minds Formalities  
Self-destructing fatality
Luscious lips blister and bruise,
Till they shiver blue
Prisoners of deceit,
Addicts with toe tagged feet
Conceited deeds, suffering beings
Greedy Fiends, powerless beings
Wanders of a dream,
Risked the mind's need
Its desire to feed
:iconmantone:Mantone 3 1
Naked Interior
within the heart
The walls hold stories of lifetimes,
The gates swing in the wintry breeze,
Creaks the hinges of the past forgotten...
And, there, swings a still opened door-
Decorated with the love of her, a perfume
an opiate divine; the last grace, sundance of mind.
and proudly inscribed upon the walls,
every naked confession, once told
Upon the platform of surrender
But wisdom for the creaking walls
and the creaking door:
Whenever there is love:
she will give you a part of her that knows only you can break
- her heart
:icondorianclock:dorianclock 5 5
Moon 1
So rare, this fleeting grace,
Moon blessed curves in close reverie with earth, cajoling
Interrupted by angel's flight!
The spring blows trumpets of color
Toward the nearest star
The moon is a gift, a painter, our Blue.
Bathing in this aspiration
Both Heaven and Hell are left behind;
In this bed of truth…straddling the stratosphere
Till Gods gave thunderous applause
:icondorianclock:dorianclock 0 0
'That Feeling of Love'
"That Feeling of Love"
Not a care in the world,
Nor a crack in the earth,
Torment and despair seem to fade,
When one is in love.
For that special person,
Takes them all away from sight,
Your special someone gives you feelings,
Like evil does not exist in the world.
Whether it be the conditional love,
Or maybe a very close friend,
That feeling of being needed,
Is something all of us want.
And here i find myself without it,
That special someone to fill the gap,
To be able to mend the pains of past,
Of my slowly beating heart.
Long has this gap been present,
Making itself ever so clear,
That i am but a half a soul,
Just waiting to be complete.
:iconsmg18:SMG18 2 4
Slay The Sun
One by one
When all's said and done
I laugh into fear
And slay the setting sun
:iconsilverchaucer:silverchaucer 13 32
Druid Garden - Palindrome
"Nature is harmony and simplicity."
Purity beholding delicate gifts,
scented rosemary and thyme.
Heated sun peppermint, blessed respite.
Druids of delight, rejoice.
Rejoice! Delight of druids!
Respite blessed. Peppermint, sun-heated,
thyme and rosemary scented
gifts. Delicate. Beholding purity.
Simplicity and harmony is nature.
:iconpamelaski:pamelaski 2 16



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It’s been two months since our Group Founder and Chief Administrator has made an entry to this site or her personnel blog.  

As I currently have only access to accepting new members and approving weekly ‘feature’ submissions this Group is essentially inactive.  

And having no authority (or desire) to take over the Chief Administrator/Founder responsibilities I will on the 15th deactivate my Administrative duties. I had ‘Noted’ the group and her personnel account of my intentions to resign my involvement some time ago.  Until (or if) the founder becomes available and active again, fare you well.

Sincerely rlkirkland
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We are a community of poets and lovers of poetry who take on the challenges each month of writing in a certain style or technique, which hones our poetry writing skills. We love poetic forms! We also offer other types of prompts to spur you on in writing, along with contests and projects.
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Feb 2, 2009


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Jenteelability Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Shame! I hope the founder is okay.
I will keep track for a while and see if this group becomes active again.
After that, it might be time to find a new group. Best of luck to all!
Same-side Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010   Writer
Are you currently accepting members? I submitted my request a while back, and I have yet to receive a reply.
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hello there affiliate group!

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will you be willing to lend a helping hand by promoting this here in your blog as well? it would be most appreciated

thank you for your time
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Empty090 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
Hello, thank you for allowing me to join
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Hi, It's omgplz. I'm a noob in poetry, but I wanted to upload my first poem here to hopefully get some feedback and constructive criticism. Is that good with you?
MarluxiaXIII Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010
Hello thanks for allowing me to join, I simply love poetry as it is one of the most beautiful types of art. Also to my fellow deviants please take a look at my work and tell me what you think. I always like to further my skills and to do so I need to hear what others think ^^
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